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EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a direct mail service offered by USPS®.  With EZ24x7 EDDM mapping tool you select neighborhoods (carrier routes) by specific Zip Codes or Addresses in which you would like USPS to deliver a mailpiece to every address or delivery point within the selected routes.

EDDM is a new and inexpensive way to make your presence known in every door in the neighborhood without the need for specific addresses or names. The EZ24x7 EDDM program allows you to have your postcards delivered to individual neighborhoods, using carrier routes. You identify the carrier routes and control the drop date and EZ24x7 will generate all required paper work and facing slip ready to take to the post office. You save the cost on postage, and there's no permit required, which puts more money back into your marketing campaign.

Use this simplified EDDM address system and Saturate entire zip codes or carrier routes. Reduced postage rates and also No postage permits needed for EDDM when using EZ24x7. Before EDDM, large mailing required a postage permit which could cost you $450 a year. Now, that fee is waived for EDDM customers. Stand out from the competition with a piece that can't be ignored. Find new customers, build more traffic, and increase more revenue.

  •   First, Login or Create an Account

  •   No postage permit required

  •   Reach local residents and businesses

  •   Generates all required forms with facing slips

Create Your EDDM Mailing

You don't need a costly postage permit to get the message to every single door in your neighborhood. That's the beauty thing of the simplified Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) serviced by USPS. At a low cost of 18.3¢ per postcard, it gives small businesses the chance to promote their products and services to everyone in the nieghbor with just a couple of clicks.

• Intuitive and easy to use interface 4 Step Process
• Deliver BIG POSTCARD Sizes - 8.5x11 postcards and larger for big impact
• No Postage Permit Needed - Waives the $450 annual permit fee
• Short-Run Mailing Campaigns - 5,000 piece maximum per day, min 200 print piece
• Your mail-piece will be sent to every household on the carrier route you have chosen
• Select your targeted list by zip codes or carrier routes
• Mapping tool to choose the ZIP Code ormcarrier route that will target your customers

Step 1: Select the Routes on Map

EZ24x7 EDDM mapping tool will let you select a route by either entering a Zip Code or a specific street address to be able to target the routes in the area. After entry point is enter you will select the routes on the map that you would like to mail to. It will display the amount of resident and business in the area you have selected. Once you have selected the route you will be able to preview how much it will cost you in postage to get that EDDM mailing out.

Step 2: Postal Presort Fill Out Form

Once you have finished selecting the routes and previewed the total postage and agree to continue. You will then fill the required form to be able to recieving your USPS postage form and facing slip. You will then accept the fields that you have entered and preview 25 records in a .csv file of your LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOMER you will be ailing too.

Step 3: Preview Result, Accept and Download

Once you have confirmed the preview file and you want to continue with the EDDM mailing you will the hit the Pay and Download button it will take you to a secure page to pay for the EZ24x7 EDDM mailing process. Where you will finish by download a compressed file with required USPS form and facing slip with an excel file with the total routes you will be mailing to.

Step 4: I dont yet what step this is

EZ24x7 prints all your reports, tray tags, postage statement and the mail-pieces in tray or sack order. There are dozens of predefined address labels and envelopes with or without return address and permit imprint to choose from. You can also custom design as many labels as you wish giving your mail piece that personal touch. User defines envelopes and address labels permit definition of non-standard envelopes, address labels or custom forms suitable for bulletins and newsletters.

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